May 26, 2011

swim fast diet

So the other idea I had brewing around in my head for a long time has been to create a body of work that was inspired by the act of swimming. I have always been scared of the water and never really learned how to swim. In the last few years I have been slowly learning how to swim and gaining my confidence in the water in general. I am obsessed with swimmer artwork and have decided I need to make my own...Here are some inspirational images.

May 3, 2011

Birds Chirping

Ahhh...I'm finally in my new apartment and it feels great to hear birds chirping outside my bedroom window right now. It's not the typical pigeon poo coo you might think one would hear in the heart of San Francisco. They're the kind of birds that I'd like to think would fluff my pillows in the morning or give me a sponge bath or something.Here's to daydreaming...