January 27, 2011


In two months I caught two different viruses. It's been a pain not being able to be productive! But I managed today to be inspired and cook myself something nutritious and delicious. I'm calling it Izzy Udon. It's about taking whatever is in my fridge and turning it into a soup.

Soup ingredients: Spring onions, ginger, star anise, carrots, cauliflower, veggie bouillon, 2 tbs Miso, a splash of toasted sesame oil, a couple splashes of fish sauce for extra umami flavor, and of course Japanese seasoning mix (bonito, sesame seeds, seaweed).

To top it off I added a soft boiled egg. Add a runny egg to anything and it makes my day!

January 18, 2011


Gosh, it's taken me too long to get these things documented. Though it's been some time (Fall 09) since I made them I'm still obsessed with folkloric inspiration. This collection was inspired by Russian dolls specifically. Thank you Laura for taking time out on Sunday to help me with this. Isn't she a Babe-ushka!

ruffled dress using vintage ivory silk organza and printed cotton

hand quilted cotton patchwork top and vintage lace took from an old blouse

knitted faux bangs bonnet using 100% wool Caramel and dk. brown yarn

printed calico cotton smock w/beaded arms

January 4, 2011


New year, new art, new clutter free bedroom. Here, I've gathered some inspiration images for my boudoir. Most of them are the artworks of Lauren Nassef. There is a sparseness and earthy but delicate quality to her drawings that I want to capture in my bedroom.

wood vases I got from Etsy

branches photo

ikat kimono fabric