July 16, 2010

painting again

I recently decided after I finish being a fashion designer I want to become an artist, a dancer, and then lastly a baker when I grow up. This is one of those moments I imagine myself handwriting an essay about my aspirations and putting it in a time capsule I bury somewhere in Golden Gate Park in order to come back in 10 years and see if it actually happened. I've been thinking more about what creative projects I want to work on next and I've decided I want to take on painting again. I used to do more of it and it's very much a meditative and calming activity for me. And my mind, body, and soul really craves it. Watercolor especially. What has most recently inspired me lately is the work of Serena Mitnik Miller. She is a local artist I discovered recently while perusing The General Store out in the Outer Sunset. Turns out this adorable store is co-owned by Serena and her husband. There, I picked up an art magazine called Arkitip that focuses on her work in the issue I bought. She primarily paints in watercolor and much of her work is inspired by the ocean. Her work is so simple, graphic, elegant and just plain beautiful. I have been looking at every night before I go to bed because it makes me so happy! Here are some of her images.

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