September 21, 2015

My new website

Please visit my new website  and link to my Etsy shop!



  1. This looks like some stuff my wife would wear. I’ll have to send this link to her so she can check out your stuff. I just hope she doesn’t spend TOO much. LOL. I like the name Stargarten too. It’s a cool name. Wish you luck on your store. If you haven’t already, make sure you promote yourself on social media.

    Raphael Gable @ CMMixs

  2. I really, really like those dresses. They are just my style. I’ll have to take a peek at your Etsy shop. There are SO many stores on Etsy that it can sometimes be overwhelming. I like when I can find one specific store to peruse, makes shopping so much easier. Good luck and I hope you make lots of sales!

    Madeline Rice @ SEO Marketing Machine

  3. Congrats on opening up a shop, that takes a lot of guts and I wish you much success! I’ve been considering starting up my own shop as well, but haven’t worked up the courage to do it just yet. Anyway, your clothes are lovely. I’m sure you’ll sell a ton of pieces! And again, I wish you much success in your new venture!

    Rita Gibson @ YEAH! Local

  4. The design for the logo for the main website is unique and creative. The simple design makes it inviting to see what the items will be for sale and how creative they can be. The dresses that are modeled below are enticing and sure to turn the heads of the ladies looking for them.

    James Holmes @ All Web LLC